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Our board-certified periodontists, Dr. Comeaux and Dr. Pearson, utilize the latest technology and advanced procedure processes to provide our patients with both surgical and non-surgical treatment options, as well as placing and maintaining dental implants.


  • When you lose one or more teeth as an adult, you should immediately make an appointment with our team at Periodontics Associates. Our board-certified periodontists, Dr. Comeaux and Dr. Pearson, understand the loss of teeth can greatly affect your quality of life.

  • Bleeding gums is a unique sensation that may startle you. Particularly while brushing your teeth or flossing, whether you simply taste blood and inspect your mouth in a mirror, or notice it in the sink, wait before you jump to any extreme conclusions.

  • You may experience swollen gums as a result of different occurrences. Orthodontic work, such as braces, may shock your mouth into temporary protective swelling. If you bite into something sharp, such as a chip or popcorn kernel, a localized area of your gums may swell. Uniformly swollen gums, however, often indicate an underlying problem.

  • The effects of periodontal disease can become quite drastic. What begins as mild gum inflammation can spread throughout surrounding tissue, resulting in a negative impact on your bones.

  • Gum recession is an effect of gum disease that you may not even notice. However, the associated symptoms may let you know something is not quite right with your oral health.

  • Pocket formation is a serious effect of periodontitis, the disease of all supporting tissue surrounding your teeth. When plaque accumulates along your gumline, your periodontal disease begins as gingivitis, the inflammation of your gums, which may result in receding gums.

  • You may feel a sudden pang of anxiety when our periodontist mentions you need a CT scan. However, when you visit us at Periodontics Associates, you can leave your worries behind. Unlike traditional CT scans, which can stir up some anxiety for patients who are not even the least claustrophobic, our advanced technology is patient-friendly.

  • Have you ever had traditional impressions taken of your teeth or spoken with someone who has? It’s certainly a messy experience that most would prefer to avoid. With digital impressions, our team skips the mess and the potential for inaccuracy by relying on advanced digital technology instead.

  • When you come into our office for periodontal disease, the basis of your problem nearly always stems from plaque build-up. If you catch plaque buildup early, either through your own oral hygiene or with cleanings from your general dentist, you can avoid most periodontal disease. However, if you have gingivitis or a more advanced form of gum disease, you may need a deeper cleaning, referred to as root planing and scaling.

  • At Periodontal Associates, our team provides crown lengthening for smiles that appear “gummy” and as a first step in exposing more of your natural tooth when restoring it from periodontal disease.

  • Has your periodontist left damage that is irreversible with root planing and scaling or other advanced treatments? Are you dealing with bone loss or severe gum recession? At the offices of Periodontics Associates, our team is prepared to guide you on your path back toward full oral health and comfort, no matter the extent of your disease, from mild to severe.

  • Has our periodontist informed you that tooth removal is a necessary part of treatment for your periodontal disease? Are you missing teeth as a result of gum disease? Even one empty space in your mouth can cause feelings of embarrassment and discomfort while chewing and speaking.

  • Are you visiting our team at Periodontics Associates for pocket formation as a result of periodontal disease? If the healthy point at which your gums meet your teeth has enlarged and a space has formed, you may need corrective surgery.

  • Sometimes when your gums pull away from your teeth as a result of periodontal disease, our team cannot simply suture them back into place. When this occurs, we need to extend your gumline by using healthy tissue from other parts of your mouth.

  • When the plaque and harmful bacteria that lead to periodontal disease move beneath your gumline, the effects may cause Bone Loss. Sometimes the deterioration of bone tissue is mild, requiring smoothing and soft tissue grafting of your gums. However, in the case of advanced periodontitis, effects may include tooth loss and severe bone damage, requiring regeneration.

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  • Our periodontists, Dr. Comeaux and Dr. Pearson, have specialized training in treating periodontal diseases using both surgical and non-surgical treatments. While the reason for your visit with our team is probably a less-than-comfortable one, we pride ourselves on connecting with you as an individual, taking your dental needs and personal experience to heart in equal measure.

  • If you are missing teeth or if we have discussed tooth removal with you as a result of periodontal disease, dental implants can dramatically improve the function and beauty of your smile. Whether you are missing one tooth, more than one tooth with teeth in between, or several teeth in a row, dental implants may offer a permanent solution that you can smile about.

  • Periodontal diseases occur when bacteria cause inflammation within your gums. While good oral hygiene is often enough to inhibit disease from occurring, approximately 80 million adults deal with this type of disease in a variety of forms.

  • You have probably heard the term “gingivitis” in warnings from your dentist or television ads for most of your life. However, while you know it has something to do with gums and poor brushing habits, you may not realize just how damaging this periodontal disease can become.