When you lose one or more teeth as an adult, you should immediately make an appointment with our team at Periodontics Associates.

Our board-certified periodontists, Dr. Comeaux and Dr. Pearson, understand the loss of teeth can greatly affect your quality of life. Missing teeth can result in problems with chewing, and you may feel embarrassed to smile or having trouble speaking. In addition, unless you have experienced a hard impact that resulted in a knocked-out tooth, teeth fall out as a result of gum disease. Let us gently examine your mouth to determine the cause of your loss. We look forward to treating the cause of the problem, while providing you ways to complete your smile.

Why Do I Have Tooth Loss?

Your tooth or teeth have fallen out as a result of advanced periodontal disease. When your gums and the bones in your mouth are healthy and strong, they provide a supportive structure in which your teeth rest and receive nutrients essential to good health. However, when infection takes over your gums and surrounding tissues, your teeth may suddenly lose their sturdy framework.

Your periodontitis is probably the result of untreated gingivitis, an inflammation of your gums. With gingivitis, your body attempts to heal itself by creating a state of inflammation. Unfortunately, the toxins and harmful bacteria remain and spread. Your gums may recede, pulling away from your teeth and exposing your roots. Or, supportive tissues begin to break down. As the cooperating portions of your oral structure pull away from one another, your teeth become loose. A tooth may either fall out on its own or become loose, sometimes requiring professional removal to restore health.

What Consequences Are Associated With Tooth Loss?

The loss of your tooth is not an ending point, but an alert of severely compromised oral health. As periodontal disease begins, your periodontist may still be able to treat and reverse the problem before it leads to permanent damage. However, when left untreated, the destruction of your gums, teeth, and bone tissue may require serious treatment, such as tooth replacement and bone regeneration. Visit us as soon as possible if you have loose or missing teeth, so we can treat the underlying disease. The following consequences typically accompany tooth loss:

  • Nutrition problems associated with eating difficulty
  • Deteriorating bones and resulting sinking in of facial structure
  • Speaking problems
  • Teeth shifting and subsequent misalignment

How Do You Treat Tooth Loss?

Our team will thoroughly examine your mouth. We may also take digital images with the use of X-rays and CT scans depending on the severity of the disease. Once we determine how far your periodontitis has progressed, we will first treat the disease before replacing the missing tooth or teeth. Dr. Comeaux or Dr. Pearson and our team will remove existing plaque and tartar buildup. We may also require treatment with antibiotics, either topical, oral, or both, to resolve the bacterial infection.

Once the infection is clear and your gums are healthy, we will discuss your options for rebuilding your smile to a naturally beautiful appearance. For damage that has spread past your teeth, you may be a good candidate for bone regeneration and dentures. If your jawbone is healthy, our periodontists may recommend dental implants.

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