Restoring Your Smile with the SMILE Technique

Innovative and versatile dental implant microsurgery for patients with missing teeth.


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What is the SMILE Technique?

The Simplified Microsurgical Implant Lifelike Esthetics (SMILE) technique is an innovative and precise technique designed to restore missing teeth and enhance the beauty and function of the smile. Only some periodontists are trained to perform this technique and it can be an attractive option for patients with one or more missing teeth. The technique is associated with a very high success rate and produces predictable results.

What makes the SMILE Technique unique is that there is a very minimally-invasive extraction process involved, and we can place a dental implant immediately. We will place a temporary crown to restore your smile so you are never without a tooth, and can avoid multiple surgeries just to get the results you want. The dental implant looks and functions just like your real teeth and the recovery period is fairly fast.


How the SMILE Technique Works

The SMILE technique is a microsurgical approach to tooth replacement and involves using microsurgical instruments to reduce trauma to the tissues and prevent bleeding. The procedure can be performed with great precision to prepare the treatment site for dental implant placement. Healing times are relatively fast. This type of dental implant therapy involves placing an implant on the front of the tooth structure with a fabricated crown to restore the look of the original tooth. It is a valuable option for both broken teeth and missing teeth.


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Benefits of the SMILE Technique

Some of the key benefits of the SMILE technique include:

  • Little or no discomfort after microsurgical tooth removal and implant placement
  • Minimal extraction trauma
  • Produces long-term results
  • High success rate
  • Natural-looking results

Most patients enjoy immediate results after the SMILE Technique procedure and can see a noticeable difference within a week. Let us help you maintain that beautiful smile for life with dental implant microsurgery!