Are you visiting our team at Periodontics Associates for pocket formation as a result of periodontal disease?

If the healthy point at which your gums meet your teeth has enlarged and a space has formed, you may need corrective surgery. This enlarged space or “pocket” quickly traps plaque and harmful bacteria. Even if our periodontist has cleaned the area, such as with root planing and scaling, you may have a disfigured gumline.

What Is Pocket Reduction?

Pocket reduction, also known as flap surgery, is a surgical procedure in which our periodontist, Dr. Comeaux or Dr. Pearson, will decrease the side of the gum pocket so that your gums fit snugly against your teeth. Because the pockets leave your teeth, surrounding tissue, and bone susceptible to damage and deterioration, we may also need to smooth bone surfaces to remove hiding spaces for bacteria. For severe bone deterioration, we may need to discuss bone regeneration with you to fully restore your mouth’s health. Utilizing laser technology for clean, efficient cuts, our periodontist will fold your gum tissue back and sew it into place for optimal placement. During recovery, you may need to hold gauze against your gums, rinse with salt water, and use over-the-counter pain medication for discomfort.

What Are the Benefits?

This flush meeting of gums and teeth is essential to good oral health. While a corrected gumline may seem solely cosmetic in nature, the correct placement of your gums against your teeth greatly contributes to preventing periodontal problems. Because your gums act as protectors of your teeth and as a guard between the bacteria in your mouth and interior tissues, pocket reduction can significantly impact your mouth’s health. If you’re still deciding whether pocket reduction surgery is a good choice for you, take a look through the following benefits:

  • Permits you to practice effective oral hygiene at home, as attempting to clean out pocket formation is not possible without professional training and tools.
  • Greatly lowers periodontal disease recurrence by removing enlarged gathering spots for plaque.
  • Restores your smile by returning a healthy, natural gumline.
  • Protects exposed teeth roots from damage as a result of plaque and tartar buildup.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Before the space between your teeth and gums become an enlarged pocket, this meeting crevice is referred to as the gingival sulcus. If this small, healthy space has enlarged past a depth of 3 mm, pocket reduction may help bring your gumline back a healthy, visually pleasing state.

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