Micro-Surgery for Treating Receding Gums

Gum grafting procedures to restore your gum line.



Gingival Graft Microsurgery Treats Gum Recession

If you have receding gums from gum disease or other oral health problems that are affecting your smile, you may be a good candidate for microsurgical gingival grafting. This is a minimally invasive technique that can restore the gum line by transferring gum tissue with minimal trauma to the area. It is a very gentle technique and can be effective for covering exposed roots and preventing future gum recession.

Benefits of Microsurgery

Gingival graft microsurgery is very effective for covering up exposed roots. If you have very sensitive teeth or gaps between your teeth because of gum recession, you may be a good candidate for gingival microsurgery. This is a safe, effective, and minimally-invasive procedure that produces lasting results. Patients get the treatment they need with minimal discomfort and can return to their normal routine fairly quickly. The healing process is relatively fast and this procedure produces very predictable results.

What to Expect with Microsurgery

The microsurgery procedure involves separating a very thin piece of connective tissue underneath the skin and transplanting it over the exposed root. No open wounds are made, so there is no discomfort to the patient. The procedure is very precise and gentle, causing no disruption to the tissues. The healing time is much shorter than traditional gum grafting surgery and you can enjoy the results shortly after treatment.


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Enhance Your Smile with Microsurgery

Microsurgery is a very effective technique for treating gum recession and minimizing tooth sensitivity. If you are bothered by the appearance of your gums and teeth, consider undergoing microsurgery to cover up exposed roots and improve your smile. Microsurgery offers both functional and esthetic benefits, and can be a valuable part of your periodontal health plan.