Our periodontists, Dr. Comeaux and Dr. Pearson, have specialized training in treating periodontal diseases using both surgical and non-surgical treatments, as well as placing and maintaining implants.

We pride ourselves on connecting with you as an individual, taking your dental needs and personal experience to heart in equal measure.

What Is Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal treatment is the treatment of conditions that affect the tissues which surround, support and maintain the teeth. It is important to realize that implants, too, can be affected by these same conditions. Treatment can range from something as simple as instruction in plaque removal from around teeth or implants to non-surgical treatment, or to various surgical treatments. Predictable treatment requires accurate diagnosis, and we employ a variety of technologies, including operating microscopes, periodontal micro-endoscopes, the Florida Probe, dental cone beat C.T. scans and digital impressions, to aid the diagnostic process.

What Types of Treatments Do You Provide?

At Periodontics Associates, we offer a wide variety of treatments to address your issues. Our goal is not only to see you through treatment with a return to oral health, but to help you regain full function and a gorgeous smile. Contact us today to make an appointment or to ask questions regarding the treatments we offer, including:

  • Soft Tissue Grafts
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Dental Implants
  • Tooth Replacement
  • Pocket Reduction
  • Bone Regeneration

What Are the Benefits of Treatment?

Periodontal disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis, may seem like minor discomfort at first, but allowing disease to progress can cause devastating consequences. Whether you just noticed inflammation, know you need gum grafting, or are simply concerned about troubling symptoms, come see us. The sooner we treat you, the greater your likelihood of regaining your mouth’s full health without permanent damage.

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Seeking treatment or surgery for periodontal disease? Our board-certified periodontists take a compassionate approach to periodontal care, and will spend time getting to know you rather than hurrying out of the exam room. Schedule a visit with our team at Periodontics Associates today to review your treatment options with Dr. Comeaux or Dr. Pearson in our Lafayette office, or with Dr. Comeaux at our Opelousas satellite office. Please contact us if you have any questions.