Unlike traditional CT scans, which can stir up some anxiety for patients who are not even the least claustrophobic, our advanced technology is patient-friendly.

What Is a CT Scan?

By definition, a CT scan (which stands for computerized tomography) is the combination of X-rays taken from multiple views to form a cross-section image. At our offices, we use advanced 3D cone beam imagining technology. Often referred to as 3D CT scanning or cone beam imagining, this form of scanning creates a more thorough view of your oral structure than its 2D predecessor.

What Are the Benefits of Cone Beam CT Scans?

Choosing a CT scan over traditional X-rays is beneficial to periodontal treatment because it gives our team a comprehensive understanding of what is happening in every portion of your oral cavity and its surrounding tissue. Unlike the flat slices of images we achieve with traditional CT scans, with cone beam images, we get a complete view of your teeth, gums, and bones from an external and internal perspective. If you’re still not sure you feel comfortable with a CT scan, consider the benefits:

  • Our periodontists can look at your teeth and surrounding structures from any angle for a truly thorough exam.
  • Our team can quickly find sources of discomfort hidden from the naked eye, making for more efficient visits.
  • We use the images as a blueprint for creating and placing prosthetics, such as dental implants.
  • Cone beam imaging CT scans offer low radiation.
  • The high-resolution images provide a detailed visual of your oral structures.
  • Unlike “closed” scanning systems, cone beam CT systems are “open air” so you never feel closed in.
  • A full scan may complete within just under nine seconds for an efficient, low-anxiety experience.

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