Our team knows that when periodontal disease has affected the integrity of your bones, rebuilding the strength and appearance of your jawbone and full oral structure is of the utmost importance to you.

We realize, as well, that you may feel uneasy about the surgery and treatments involved in returning your mouth to full function, health, and beauty. Keep in mind that equal to our mission to serve you with modern technology and excellent periodontal treatment is a dedication to approaching your care with empathy and a gentle touch.

What Is Bone Regeneration?

When the plaque and harmful bacteria that lead to periodontal disease move beneath your gumline, the effects may cause Bone Loss. Sometimes the deterioration of bone tissue is mild, requiring smoothing and soft tissue grafting of your gums. However, in the case of advanced periodontitis, effects may include tooth loss and severe bone damage, requiring regeneration. Our periodontist will first administer a local anesthetic to numb the area. The procedure will include one of the two following regeneration methods:

  • Bone Grafting: A process in which our periodontist transplants healthy bone tissue, either from you, a cadaver, or an animal, onto the deteriorated bone portion. We will stitch your gums into the proper position, and your bone will heal for several months.
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration: A procedure in which our periodontist surgically places a barrier, such as fabric, over your damaged bone to prevent your gums from filling in the damaged portion. This barrier encourages your bone to heal and regenerate tissue on its own.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Bone deterioration can have a major negative effect on your oral health and your appearance. If you have bone damage, regeneration is the foundation of re-establishing your oral structure for both its functional and aesthetic completion. Take a look through the benefits of bone regeneration to grasp its significance:
  • The bones in your mouth support your face. Regeneration will help with the prevention and reversal of sagging and wrinkling that occurs as a result of this damaged framework.
  • Healthy bones support permanent prosthetics, such as dental implants, which replace missing teeth.
  • Good bone health promotes healthy gums and a solid structure for temporary prosthetics, like dentures or bridges.
  • Sturdy bones provide you with the structural integrity needed for clear speaking and effective chewing, which greatly affect your quality of life on a daily basis.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have Bone Loss as a result of periodontal disease, contact our team and Periodontics Associates immediately. Rebuilding the structure of your mouth for regained oral function and health begins by solidifying its skeletal support system. We understand that making the phone call may cause you to hesitate. Understand that our goal is to help you through this process. Your first visit will include a thorough exam by one of our gentle periodontists and we are happy to address all of your questions and concerns.

Schedule a Visit with Us Today!

Seeking treatment or surgery for periodontal disease? Our board-certified periodontists take a compassionate approach to periodontal care, and will spend time getting to know you rather than hurrying out of the exam room. Schedule a visit with our team at Periodontics Associates today to review your treatment options with Dr. Comeaux or Dr. Pearson in our Lafayette office, or with Dr. Comeaux at our Opelousas satellite office. Please contact us if you have any questions.