Tooth loss hurts both the health and esthetics of your smile. Patients with multiple missing teeth can experience difficulty eating and may be hesitant to smile and laugh. With full mouth dental implants, you can receive either implant-supported dental bridges or even implant-supported dentures, allowing you to eat and speak with confidence and ease. For more information, try our quiz on full mouth dental implants.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Quiz

1. True or False: Tooth loss can make a person appear older.

2. True or False: Dental implants can support an array of prosthetics.

3. True or False: Full mouth dental implants look natural.

4. True or False: Full mouth dental implants have advantages over traditional dentures.

Answer Key

1. True. Once you lose a tooth, the body stops supplying that area of the jaw with doses of calcium and phosphorus. The nutrient-deprived bone tissue then dissolves. The resulting bone loss causes patients to appear older and increases the risk of further tooth loss.

2. True. By placing multiple dental implant posts, a dentist can attach a number of different dental prosthetics, including dental bridges, partial dentures, and even a full set of dentures.

3. True. Each dental prosthetic will be designed based on impression taken of your smile. Using lifelike dental materials, an expert will fabricate the prosthetics. Once in place, your full mouth dental implants will look and function naturally.

4. True. Implant-supported prosthetic are sturdy and don’t require the use of adhesives. They also make eating and speaking easier while providing long lasting restoration.

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