Treating male periodontal disease in Lafayette LALet’s be clear about one thing – seeking treatment for gingivitis or advanced periodontal disease isn’t a matter of masculinity. It’s a matter of taking responsibility for your health in the face of a potentially life-altering condition. The American Academy of Periodontology cautions that men have a significantly higher risk than women of developing gum disease. As periodontists who have teated gum disease in Lafayette LA for over 25 years, our experience supports  to this claim, and we want to discuss the importance of prevention and early detection among men.

Gum Disease Affects More Men Than Women, But Why?

Compared to 38 percent of women diagnosed with periodontal disease, gum disease affects more than half of American men. The AAP doesn’t identify a single overarching cause for the numbers, but studies suggest that males are more likely to avoid or delay treatment after experiencing early symptoms. Other factors proven to increase risk include:

  • Tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use
  • Poor oral hygiene and infrequent dental exams
  • Advanced age
  • Taking certain medications
  • High levels of stress, and
  • Eating a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates

What Does Gum Disease Mean for Our Male Patients?

The effects of gum disease go beyond your mouth, affecting your cardiovascular and urogenital systems, and even altering your appearance. As a man, your risk of developing heart disease is much higher than a woman in similar health, and periodontal disease increases this risk substantially. If you are between the age of 30 and 70 and have been diagnosed with gum disease, you will face a higher risk of becoming impotent. Consider these potential consequences of neglecting your gums:

  • Compared to women and other men with healthy gums, you have a greater risk of developing kidney, blood, and pancreatic cancer.
  • Tooth and bone loss caused by untreated gum disease can dramatically alter the appearance of your face and jaw, and you may require dentures or implants as a result.
  • Key indicators of periodontitis, such as tender, bleeding gums, are similar to those of prostate inflammation. If you have either condition, prostate-specific antigens, or PSAs, increase dramatically. Researchers are exploring the possibility that the health of your prostate is closely linked to the health of your gum tissue.

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, or if you suspect that you have gum disease, do not delay in taking the proper steps to treat your condition. Contact us to schedule a consultation. The team at Periodontics Associates has the experience, knowledge, and technology to restore your oral health and prevent gum disease from taking control of your life.



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