Treating bad breath in Lafayette, LAFor the most part, you can remedy bad breath with the touch of a toothbrush and a little floss. However, a patient with chronic bad breath may require more thorough treatment. At the Lafayette, LA offices of periodontists, Drs. Comeaux and Pearson, we understand that chronic halitosis may be the result of a series dental health issues known as gum disease. By identifying and treating these issues, we can help you enjoy fresher breath and a healthier smile.

Covering Bad Breath Is Different Than Treating It

If you have periodontal disease, all the breath mints in the world won’t provide long-lasting fresh breath. The two most likely culprits for gum odor are gum disease and trapped food. Your mouth harbors millions of bacteria that thrive on bits of leftover food while excreting smelly sulfur compounds. Bacteria flourish in warm environments and accumulate just beneath the gum line, making your mouth the perfect breeding ground. You will also find them between teeth and in every crevice and pocket within your mouth, such as those caused by gum recession. Trapped food is far simpler to address and can be removed with brushing, flossing, and regular professional cleanings.

Delaying Treatment Won’t Help

If you do not seek treatment for gingivitis, the disease may progress into gum disease –  a more severe condition requiring more intensive treatment. As bacteria-rich plaque accumulates below your gum line, the gums become irritated and signal your body to launch an attack on your bone and tissue. The gums begin to pull away, creating deep pockets that are quickly filled with bacteria. In many cases, we can make a preliminary diagnosis of periodontal disease based solely on gum odor. After taking x-rays and performing a physical examination, we will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Although it is not possible to reverse the loss, we can eliminate the cause of periodontal disease through treatment.

Life is too short to live with chronic bad breath. To learn more about periodontal disease or to schedule an appointment with our team contact us at (337) 989-0267.

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