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Periodontal in Lafayette LA

At the offices of Dr. Comeaux and Dr. Pearson, we look forward to guiding you on your journey from periodontal disease to a healthy smile. Our team  is committed to providing you with gentle, personalized care with the use of advanced technology. Our periodontal treatments include root planing and scaling, crown lengthening and dental implants. If you need periodontal surgery, we are prepared to replace missing teeth, address pocket formation, perform soft tissue grafts, and work toward bone regeneration. Don’t wait and let periodontal disease take over your health and appearance. With a single visit, we will begin a relationship that places a focus on your comfort and the well-being of your mouth for future oral health deserving of a smile. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Your Lafayette and Opelousas periodontists and team offer two locations for your convenience. Dr. Comeaux and Dr. Pearson both practice in the main office in Lafayette. Dr. Comeaux visits the satellite office in Opelousas twice per month on Wednesday afternoons. Contact us so we can schedule an appointment that best fits your needs.

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