How does one treat periodontal disease? There are a wide range of treatment options, including improved dental maintenance, scaling and root planing. However, in recent years researchers have made huge breakthroughs in laser dentistry. Many practices across the country are employing dental lasers to treat periodontal disease, including ours. Below, we discuss how laser dentistry can be used to combat gum disease and restore the appearance of your smile.

How Do I Know If I Need Treatment?

Do you require treatment for periodontal disease? Gum disease forms when the gums become inflamed, eventually pulling away from the teeth. When this occurs, pockets develop at the gum line. Bacteria soon invade these pockets, causing the onset of periodontal disease. Patients with gum disease report sore, red, and swollen gums that bleed easily or recede. They may also notice loose teeth or even suffer tooth loss as gum disease reaches the advanced stages, known as periodontitis. If you experience these symptoms, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Periodontics Associates. We will diagnose your gum issues and recommend the latest treatment options, which may include laser therapy.

Advanced Laser Dentistry

In cases where patients suffer from severe gum disease, we may prescribe periodontal surgery. Utilizing advanced technology, periodontal surgery, including laser surgery, allows our team to:

  • Replace lost teeth with implants
  • Reduce pockets and half bone loss
  • Perform soft tissue grafts
  • Regenerate damaged or lost bone tissue

About Periodontics Associates

With years of hands-on experience and focused training in surgical and non-surgical approaches to periodontal care, Dr. M. Randal Comeaux and Dr. Bryan S. Pearson provide exceptional care that places patient comfort first. We are passionate about periodontal health, and we will take the time to get to know you and discuss your condition and treatment options in detail. Contact our Lafayette, LA office at (337) 989-0267 or our Opelousas, LA satellite office at (800) 821-6503. We proudly serve patients throughout Acadiana.