Woman ready to fight gum diseaseThe battleground: your gums. The enemy: periodontal disease, the single leading cause of adult tooth loss and an inflammatory disorder that can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Your ally: a periodontist with access to state-of-the-art dental technology.

At Periodonitcs Associates continuing education is a top priority in order to stay abreast on the latest discoveries and treatment options available to our patients, which includes advancements in cutting-edge, precision technology. We thought we would take this opportunity to showcase some of the modern pieces of equipment we have introduced within our practice, and explore how each helps patients who want to know more about some of the ways we diagnose gum disease.



Perioscopy available at Periodontics Associates in Lafayette, LA

Since the early 20th century, dental practitioners have used endoscopes (literally “seeing inside”) to gain an up-close view of the body’s interior. Now, periodontists can use a perioscope – a tiny camera that instantly transmits a highly magnified view of the area beneath the gum line onto a chair side monitor. This process, know as  Perioscopy, provides us with the most minimally invasive way to visualize the subgingival environment, and we are among 4 periodontists in the U.S. who combine this technique with use of a microscope. Especially designed surgical microscopes are used for surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment. The combination of these two pieces of equipment affords us greater accuracy in diagnosis and, in some cases, can help patients avoid gum surgery.

The Florida Probe

One of the greatest challenges we face is is helping patients understand they have a disease that not only can lead to tooth loss, but also negatively effects their overall health. The Florida Probe has provided us with a way to overcome this while offering unrivaled precision in diagnosing the cause and severity of gum disease.

florida probe

This tool offers consistent and precise measurements of the depth of the gum pockets,  and provides patients with a visual understanding of their condition that helps them to better understand our recommendations for their treatment. It also charts our findings and provides us with consistent measurements of each patient’s progress.

We have found that when  this technology has been used as an approach to educating our patients, the result has been largely positive. We have seen improved oral hygiene, because they finally understand the dynamics of plaque and inflammation, and that there is a greater willingness to accept their condition and participate in their role in treatment, and in some cases this has been key in ultimately preventing bone loss and avoiding surgery.



We have seen an increase in patient consultations that result in diagnosis of advanced Periodontal Disease, and understand much of the apprehension that has led to delayed discovery and treatment. At Periodontics Associates we strive to create an environment that balances hi-tech with hi-touch in order to provide our patients with the best quality care within an environment they can be comfortable in. We believe each of these pieces of modern diagnostic equipment, as well the others used in our practice, help to accomplish both of these goals , and are what truly make a difference in providing exceptional, specialized treatment for our patients.


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