Advanced Technology

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Advanced Dental Technologies for Optimal Results

High-tech dental equipment to provide a high standard for care to all patients.

Advanced Dental Treatments Using the Latest Technology

Dr. Comeaux, Dr. Pearson, and the staff at Periodontics Associates offer patients a high level of care using the latest technologies and advanced dental equipment. Whether you need a comprehensive oral evaluation, dental implants, a gum grafting procedure, or periodontal therapy, we will put together a comprehensive treatment plan that deliver the best possible results and restore your oral health.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional x-rays and can provide very detailed images for us to be able to prepare a thorough treatment plan.

Galileos Cone Beam

The Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging System is useful for diagnosing some of the most complex dental problems, including dental implant issues, impacted teeth, and TMJ. This system provides an accurate, 3-D image of the face and jaw.

iTero Digital Impressions

This state-of-the-art technology helps us make accurate renderings for digital impressions that can be used to create models of the patient’s mouth.

Oral DNA

We perform Oral DNA testing when we want to know what types of bacteria are present in the mouth. This type of information allows us to determine whether a patient is at risk for developing periodontal disease or other oral health issues.


This is a very gentle and precise type of jaw surgery that was developed for use in oral surgery, dental implant placement, and periodontics. Piezosurgery helps us create the ideal site for dental implants and involves using ultrasonic vibrations to cut the bone and soft tissues with great precision.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors

We use the EMDOGAIN GEM-21 from Zimmer, which are plasma rich growth factors to perform soft tissue regeneration procedures. These help to promote the healing process by releasing growth factors directly into the wound.

AMD Diode & Picasso Laser

The AMD diode Picasso Laser is a versatile laser that can be used to perform soft tissue, surgical, periodontal, and laser teeth whitening procedures in our office.

Endoscopic Dentistry

Endoscopic dentistry can be used to perform a number of periodontal procedures using a dental fiber optic camera. We may use endoscopic techniques to perform minimally-invasive procedures that can restore your oral health.