Precision Dental Technology

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Along we treating periodontal disease and offering tooth replacement with dental implants, Periodontics Associates offers the latest in advanced dental technology to improve and retain a healthy smile.

We employ everything from innovative microscopes with HD video recording capabilities to oral cancer screenings use state-of-the-art precision technology. At Periodontics Associates, we strive to form long lasting relationships with our patients and by providing them with the most recent breakthroughs in treatment, we help them maintain a lifetime of healthy, and whole, smiles.


Currently, Periodontics Associates is one of three practices in the United States who combine Endoscopy with a modern technology known as Perioscopy as well as surgical microscopy during examinations. The periscope  allows the periodontist to peer beneath the gum lines without requiring surgery in order to make a precise diagnosis. A tiny camera allows the periodontist to observe gum pockets as small as 4mm deep. From there, non-surgical treatment can be employed to treat either mild periodontal disease or advanced periodontitis.

This video from the WILEY textbook “Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy” by the editors: Dr. Steve Harrel and Dr. Tom Wilson explores the newest Perioscopy System.

The Florida Probe

For patients suffering from gum recession or sore, red gums, the Florida Probe offers unrivaled precision in diagnosing the cause and severity of gum disease. The probe measures the depth of the gum pockets, allowing the periodontist to recommend the best treatment course.

 Oral DNA Testing

The best method of treating periodontal issues is to catch the disease in the earliest stages. With Oral DNA testing, a saliva sample is examined for signs of specific perio-pathogenic bacteria. After assessing your risk factor, we can offer preventive techniques for protecting your smile. Oral DNA testing also measures a patient’s risk of HPV.

 Laser Dentistry 

AMD lasers allow Dr. Pearson and Dr. Comeaux to perform soft tissue surgery, identify and remove decayed tissue, and provide treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease. Treatment using dental lasers typically requires little to no anesthesia and patients report a reduction in bleeding and discomfort.

 iTero Digital Impressions

Traditional impressions require the use of sticky materials and waste time with the shipment of molds. With digital impressions, we use a small wand to photograph your teeth. The images are sent directly to a computer, creating a 3D model of your teeth and gums. This allows our labs to fabricate accurate restorations that require fewer adjustments and don’t waste time and back-and-forth shipments.

Digital X-Rays

Unlike traditional x-rays, digital x-rays boast a 90% reduction in radiation use. Digital x-rays also allow our team to develop images instantaneously, showing patients a detailed image of their teeth and jaw while remaining chair side. The increased detail of the images improves the success of our treatment.

Brand Name Dental Implants

A quality dental implant provides decades of strong and esthetically pleasing smile restoration. However, not all implants are made the same. As a result, we only use name brand implants that boast a solid reputation, including Straumann USA, LLC and Zimmer Dental Inc.


An advanced surgical device, Piezosurgery allows your periodontist to perform extractions or bone grafts without harming soft tissue. Crucial for ensuring comfortable implant, ridge augmentation, and oral surgical procedures.

 Perio Genix

A topical treatment placed into a mouthpiece, Perio Genix reduces inflammation following periodontal treatment and hastens the healing period.


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