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A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases and in the placement and maintenance of dental implants.

Dr. Pearson and Dr. Comeaux are board certified periodontists who emphasize patient centered treatment and who take pride in using the best technologies to provide the best treatment for their patients. Drs. Comeaux and Pearson are among the 100 periodontists nation-wide and the only periodontists in Louisiana who are trained to combine operating microscopes and periodontal micro-endoscopes during treatment to provide patients with the latest, minimally invasive  surgical and non-surgical approaches to periodontal treatment. They believe that gentler, very precise treatment is possible, more comfortable and heals faster with less recovery time, ultimately producing more pleasing esthetic outcomes for their patients.

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Seeking treatment or surgery for periodontal disease? Our board-certified periodontists take a compassionate approach to periodontal care, and will spend time getting to know you rather than hurrying out of the exam room. Schedule a visit with our team at Periodontics Associates today to review your treatment options with Dr. Comeaux or Dr. Pearson in our Lafayette office, or with Dr. Comeaux at our Opelousas satellite office. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Drs. Comeaux and Pearson are passionate about their continuing education not only in their specialized area of practice, but in the field of dentistry as a whole. They have and continue to serve within multiple professional organizations and are both faculty members of the LSU Dental School Department of Periodontics.